Accredited Capital


Access and Relationships

Boots on the ground

Measurable Impact

Award Winning Team

A seasoned team of real estate & investment specialists, Accredited Capitals’ core competencies, diverse technology experience and extensive relationship networks enable our team to identify and capitalize on compelling risk-adjusted real estate value creation opportunities across a full spectrum of sectors, stages, strategies, instruments, and geographies – as well as across all market, economic, and asset cycles.

Accredited Capital works to derive profits for our investors from opportunity zones based on the principle that data-driven research, analysis and transparency drive better investment decisions.

How we do it

Optimized portfolio construction by helping providers scale

Higher quality tenant selection driven from higher consumer demand over traditional rental income.

Lower exit costs by selling some investment directly to renters through fractional ownership.

Lower fees taken by Accredited Capital by aligning incentives with both real estate investors and renter tenants.


Accredited Capital focuses on deriving profits for our investors from within opportunity zones based on the principle that we should be doing well while doing good.

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